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  • Shielded Cable Wire
  • Shielded Cable Wire
  • Shielded Computer Cable

    Shielded Computer Cable

    Computer shielded cable is used for power transmission, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industrial and mining enterprises, distribution systems, electronic computer systems, automation systems, signal transmission and detection instruments, instruments and other connected pairs of shielded cables. Computer shielded cable has excellent shielding performance and anti-interference performance, as well as superior characteristics such as non-flame retarding, acid and alkali resistant oil and water.

  • Braided Shielded Cable Shielded Cable Wire

    Braided Shielded Cable Shielded Cable Wire

    Shielded cable wire is suitable for general electronics,electrical equipment. Shielded cable wire has the characteristics of wear resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance and water resistance, and non-combustion. These characteristics determine that the shielded cable can be widely used in heavy industries such as electric power, metallurgy and petrochemical. Shielded cable wire outer protective layer acts like a protective cover that protects the transmission line inside the shielded cable. Especially for chemical substances with acid and alkali, this protective layer has a strong protective effect, can resist corrosion, maintain the normal operation of the cable, and prolong the service life of the cable.

  • Shielded Electrical Control Cable PVC Insulation Shielded Electrical Cable

    Shielded Electrical Control Cable PVC Insulation Shielded Electrical Cable

    Shielded control cable can apply as installation cable, it is used under dry or wet indoor situation, for moving or industrial environment condition, such as machine tool, wooden tool, grinding machine,it has excellent crosstalk resistance property. Shielded control cable has good mechanical, electrical insulation, and chemical properties. It also has the property of anti-electromagnetic wave due to the shielded structure. In large metallurgical and electric equipment, the machine sometimes encounters oil, water and other liquids, and the outer protective film of the shielded control cable can make the internal transmission line not affected by oil such as oil and water, which is beneficial to ensure normal operation of shielded control cable.

  • PVC Copper Braid Shielded Flexible Electrical Cable Wire And Cable

    PVC Copper Braid Shielded Flexible Electrical Cable Wire And Cable

    Braid shield flexible cable is suitable for machine tools productions, the installation engineering of complete equipment, power stations, air-conditioning system, heating system, refrigeration equipment, office automation equipment, data processing system and other related situations. (1)Braid shield flexible cable is resistant to interference and prevents the intrusion of external magnetic fields. (2) It can be used as an auxiliary grounding body, and the cable breaks the ground leakage circuit. (3) Pull-proof, anti-pressure, and resistance excavation, and enhance mechanical strength. (4) Flame retardant, heat source prevention, short-time barbecue.

  • UL2464 Multiple Conductor Shield Power Electric Cable Wire

    UL2464 Multiple Conductor Shield Power Electric Cable Wire

    Multi-conductor shield cable UL2464 suitable for electronic equipment matching wiring, inside and. outside of the machine(Such as office computer system, recorder, X machines etc ). Multi-conductor shield cable UL2464 can be used as a measurement, detection and control cable, and can used in machine tool manufacturing, equipment installation power plant, heating and air-conditioning systems, refrigeration equipment, office automation equipment and data processing system

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